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<p><strong>Giovanni (Gian) Luigi Bonelli</strong>&nbsp;is, without any doubt, one of the greatest Italian comics writers, speaking about both quantity and quality of the works done. Fond in adventure literature and a great sportsman, he begins to write short stories and poetry since he was eighteen, soon after achieving the High School graduation.</p><p>His first works were published in the&nbsp;<strong>Corriere dei Piccoli</strong>magazine and in the&nbsp;<strong>Giornale Illustrato dei Viaggi</strong>&nbsp;magazine, edited by&nbsp;<strong>Sonzogno</strong>. At the same time several novels were born: <em>Le Tigri dellAtlantico</em>, <em>I Fratelli del Silenzio</em> and <em>LUltimo Corsaro</em>, all of them inspired by countless juvenile readings (Jack London, Zane Grey, Alexandre Dumas, H. Rider Haggard and other classics).</p>